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Resources for health and social care professionals

CoviThis page is designed to direct health and social care workers to resources needed for delivery of the vaccine programme. 

More information on this will be available here when it is confirmed. 

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COVID-19 vaccination and blood clotting Information about your vaccination English | Welsh | Bilingual [Updated12 April 2021]

DL Leaflet Covid-19 Vaccination A guide for adults: English | Welsh [Updated 8 Jan 2021]

DL Leaflet Covid-19 Vaccination A guide for adults: Bilingual [Updated 8 Jan 2021]

DL Leaflet Covid-19 Vaccination Protection for health and social care staff English | Welsh [Updated 8 Jan 2021] 

What to expect after your COVID-19 vaccination v2: English | Welsh [Updated 27 April 2021]

Before you have your COVID-19 Vaccine Easy Read Leaflet: English | Welsh 

Clinical Conversation Script V12 Bilingual [Updated 23 April 2021]

Clinical Conversation Script large print V12 Bilingual [Updated 23 April 2021]

Clinical Conversation Script – Easy read: Bilingual [9 March 2021]

Information and decision aid to support women make a personal informed choice about whether to accept a COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy, in discussion with a HCP (RCOG Feb 2021):  English / Welsh [23 March 2021]

Useful sources of information

The Green Book – Immunisation against infectious disease

COVID-19: The Green Book, chapter 14a

Immunisation eLearning 

Resources to support the COVID-19 vaccination programme will be available soon to download and order from Public Health Wales Health Information Resources 

NHS Wales intranet only 

Note: The following pages may only be accessed from an NHS Wales site or computer.

Vaccine Preventable Diseases Programme (VPDP) home page

VPDP COVID-19 vaccination programme

VPDP immunisation e-Bulletin

VPDP - Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

COVID-19 Training resources  

Video: Dr Richard Roberts provides an overview on the evidence around extending the dose interval between first and second doses of Coronavirus vaccines



COVID-19 training resources

COVID-19  Immunisation elearning:

Moderna e-learning news item English | Welsh [6 April 2021]

The COVID-19 e-learning modules are being reviewed and updated by Public Health England when necessary.

COVID-19 core knowledge training slide set (version 4) [PHE/PHW. 3 March 2021]

COVID-19 Pfizer BioNTech vaccine specific training slide set (version 4) [PHE/PHW, 3 March 2021]

COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine specific training slide set (version 2) [PHE/PHW, 3 March 2021]

 **This slide set is currently being updated ** Please view updated green book COVID-19 chapter for the most up to date information

COVID-19 Moderna vaccine specific training slide set (version 1) [PHE/PHW, 29 March 2021]

Administration Guide: COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca v1 (AstraZeneca 27 January 2021)

Public Health England have produced a COVID-19 vaccination: vaccine product information poster: [Public Health England, 20, February, 2021] 

Training requirements by workforce group for COVID-19 vaccination programme (version 2) [PHW,12 January 2021]

COVID-19: vaccinator training recommendations [PHE, November 2020], [Updated 8 Dec, PHE] This guidance has approval for use in Wales

COVID-19 Vaccinator competency assessment tool [PHE, November 2020], [Updated 8 Dec, PHE] 

​It is important that all COVID-19 immunisers and or those who are providing COVID-19 immunisation advice familiarise themselves with the most up to date clinical evidence and guidance, this can be found in the following key documents: 

Video resources:

NHS Education for Scotland (HPS) have produced a video showing the preparation of the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. This 5 minute video is designed to support vaccinators with the preparation of the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine: [HPS, April 2021]

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, storage, Handling and administration training video: is a non-promotional, educational video hosted by AstraZeneca UK. [AstraZeneca, February 2021]

The British Society of Immunology (BSI) are hosting a series of webinars in their series Connect on Coronavirus. This is a link to a webinar hosted on the 2nd February – The immunology of COVID-19 vaccines: a webinar for Healthcare workers:

Video and poster outlining the correct handling and preparation of the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, these resources are available to view here: [Pfizer Limited, January 2021]

Video showing IM injection to an adult: Please note that this video shows the administration of a flu vaccine not a COVID-19 vaccine, however the aim of this resource is to illustrate good intramuscular technique. This video was filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic. The wearing of PPE is now recommended as per current guidance. [PHW, 12 January 2021]


COVID-19 template resources

Social care template COVID-19 vaccine invitation letters and consent forms developed by Public Health England [PHE, 29 Nov 2020]:

Residents in a care home (self)



Paper consent form for use when direct input on to the Welsh Immunisation System (WIS) is not possible:

C19 WIS paper back up consent form English / Welsh (PHW, December 2020)
C19 WIS paper consent group reference (PHW, December 2020)

PLEASE NOTE: The group reference paper should be used to record the correct ‘group’ option according to the specifics available on WIS (e.g. ethnic group, eligibility group, job role etc.). 


Health & Social Care professionals FAQ's 


COVID-19 vaccination Protection for health and social care staff



Latest news