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Policies and Procedures

This page has Public Health Wales policies and procedures. Information about the development and approval of policies is available for Public Health Wales staff on the intranet.

All Wales policies & procedures are developed and agreed on an all Wales basis to apply to all NHS Wales staff. 

A full list of the Corporate Policies, Procedures and Other Written Control Documents is available here

In July 2022, the Public Health Wales Board approved an updated Corporate Policies, procedures and other written control documents Policy. Within this document, Public Health Wales confirmed its commitment  that all Policies and procedures held on the corporate register will be published on the website, and will be provided in Welsh. All Policies that are renewed and approved from now will be translated prior to publication and are available on the welsh version of the policy pages.  In the meantime, should you require any of the policies and procedures in Welsh, please contact, and a translation will be arranged.