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Review shows breadth of interventions to reduce obesity prevalence, but high quality evidence is lacking

A review of available literature into settings-based interventions to reduce the prevalence of overweight and obesity.

Staying away from home? Remember to pack one item that could save your life

People staying away from home should always pack a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm, public health experts advise.

Strengthen community connections to improve health and wellbeing in Wales

We must protect and promote stronger social connections in a rapidly changing world to improve health and wellbeing for all in Wales, public health experts have advised.  

Public Health Wales statement on Covid-19 UK Public Inquiry Module 1 Report

The Covid-19 Public Inquiry Module 1 final report, which examines resilience and preparedness for the pandemic across the four UK nations, was published today.

pregnant person with dr behind
New vaccine could save 1,000 babies from hospitalisation every year in Wales

A new “game-changing” vaccination programme will provide protection against the most common childhood respiratory infection for the first time in Wales and the rest of the UK.

Understanding the commercial determinants of health is crucial to help improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people

International evidence in a new report from Public Health Wales highlights that advertising restrictions, legal age requirements, price increases, and limits on where fast-food outlets can be built can reduce exposure and access to unhealthy products

National conversation opened to help people in Wales prioritise their mental wellbeing

The new Hapus programme aims to inspire people in Wales to take part in activities that protect and improve mental wellbeing. 

Importance of MMR vaccination stressed, as Gwent measles outbreak ends

Public Health Wales is urging parents to ensure that their children complete their full course of MMR vaccines, as it confirms that the measles outbreak in Gwent which was identified in April 2024 has now concluded. 

Public Health Outcomes Framework reporting tool updated with latest data

Public Health Wales has refreshed the indicators in the Public Health Outcomes Framework reporting tool. 

Opioids, the leading factor in drug-related deaths in Wales.

Latest figures from Public Health Wales show that opioids contributed to more deaths in Wales in 2022-23, than any other substance.