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Research identifies key skills for public health leaders driving change for better outcomes

New research from Public Health Wales, in collaboration with the University of Wolverhampton, has identified four key skills that help public health leaders to drive change and ultimately to improve health outcomes, especially for the most vulnerable in our society. 

Public Health Wales moves to tackle the health effects of climate change

Public Health Wales welcomes the move by the UN climate summit to put a focus on health for the first time.

Knowledge gap regarding HIV transmission and testing in Wales

The latest Time to Talk Public Health survey from Public Health Wales has shed light on gaps in understanding about HIV transmission and testing. 

New video and easy read guide to support people with a learning disability through the vaccination process

Public Health Wales in collaboration with Improvement Cymru and Learning Disability Wales has coproduced a new video and easy-read guide to support people with a learning disability to explain the process of being invited and having a vaccination.

Closing educational attainment gap offers potential benefits for health, well-being and equity

A tool designed to increase understanding of the connected factors affecting a child’s educational achievement and a review of the mechanisms by which this affects health have been developed by Public Health Wales. 

Official statistics show impact of pandemic on cancer survival rates

One-year survival rates for most cancer types decreased from 2019 to 2020, latest official statistics show.  

Men are less likely than women to wash their hands

A survey by Public Health Wales has found that men in Wales are less likely than women to think handwashing is necessary.

Calls for action to reduce risk of antibiotic resistance

A woman who has relied on antibiotics since birth has joined calls for people to act to help combat the overuse of these vital medicines. 

Early HIV testing key to living healthy lives

As Wales HIV Testing Week starts, community groups and healthcare professionals are reminding sexually active people that anyone can get HIV, and that regular testing is vital to protect yourself and others. 

Study Reveals the Impact of Parental Technoference on Adolescents' Mental Health and Behaviour

A new review published by Public Health Wales and Bangor University in the journal BMC Public Health has shown how parental ‘technoference’ can influence adolescents’ mental health and behavioural outcomes.