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Working Together for a Healthier Wales

Published May 2023


Our vision

We are working towards a Wales where people live longer, healthier lives and where all people in Wales have fair and equal access to the things that lead to good health and well-being.

To achieve this, we have a Long-Term Strategy (2023-35) that sets out our vision for achieving a healthier future for people in Wales by 2035. This was approved by our Board in March 2023 after a review of our previous Long-Term Strategy (2018-30).

Our strategy clearly sets out our purpose and role and is supported by a small number of outcomes that help us assess our progress.

We will achieve our vision through the delivery of our six priorities:

  • Influencing the wider determinants of health
  • Promoting mental and social well-being
  • Promoting healthy behaviours
  • Supporting the development of a sustainable health and care system focused on prevention and early intervention
  • Delivering excellent public health services to protect the public and maximise population health outcomes
  • Tackling the public health effects of climate change

Our strategy was developed by looking at what the latest public health information to understand the health of the people of Wales. This has influenced our strategy and how we decided our priorities. Our priorities and the action that we will take under each one is our response to these challenges.

We will focus on quality and improvement to support us in becoming a learning organisation to achieve our strategy. Our chosen approach to do this is Quality as an Organisational Strategy (QOS). QOS focuses on continuous improvement to meet the needs of the people we serve. QOS consists of five leadership activities which support broader staff engagement activities such as Being Our Best and Work How It Works Best. This in turn creates a culture and environment that supports our staff and provides a great place for staff to work and thrive.  This approach to quality and improvement also supports the Health and Social Care (Quality and Engagement) (Wales) Act 2020, particularly its duties of quality and candour.

Our Long-Term Strategy is split into 6 sections as set out below, which includes the background to our strategy, our purpose statement, our priorities, and a number of strategies and methodologies that will help us put our strategy into action. The text has achieved the Crystal Mark accreditation from the Plain English Campaign.



You can also view our strategic priorities on a page and our detailed Long-Term Strategy. This document explains the strategy in full including our outcomes and our enabling strategies and methodologies which help put our strategy into action.

Our Long-Term Strategy is available in a Plain English Crystal Mark accredited strategy as a pdf downloadable version.


We also have a number of documents available that have supported the development of our strategy:

Our Strategic Plan 2023-26

Also known as our Integrated Medium Term Plan (IMTP), this sets out our planned progress against the strategy for the first three years. Our Plan was approved by Welsh Government in September 2023.

Our Well-being Statement

The Well-being Statement sets out our well-being objectives in line with our statutory duty under the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act (2015). As we have recently revised our Long-Term Strategy, we have also revised Our Well-Being Statement.

Our Decarbonisation and Sustainability Plan 2024-2026

Our Decarbonisation and Sustainability Plan for 2024-2026 succeeds the organisation’s first plan for 2022- 2024. It outlines the work Public Health Wales will be undertaking over the next two years to meet the NHS Wales target of net zero by 2030 and our carbon negative objective by 2035, as set out in our Long-Term Strategy.