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Enjoy summer safely to protect yourself and your loved ones

While summer is a great time to relax and enjoy spending more time outdoors, it’s important to remember some simple things we can do to stay well and protect those around us.   

Brexit impact on illicit trade of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco has implications for health

A new report from Public Health Wales has detailed how attention is urgently needed to understand the impacts of Brexit on illicit trade in Wales to mitigate potential health harms and deaths linked to illicit drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. 

Universal free school meals – an investment in the wellbeing of future generations providing wide socio-economic returns

A review of international evidence and practice into the impact of Universal Primary Free School Meals (UPFSM) has shown a wide range of socio-economic benefits both to individuals, communities, and local and national development.  

All Wales Diabetes Prevention Programme supports over 3,000 people in first year

This Diabetes Week marks the first anniversary of the All Wales Diabetes Prevention Programme (AWDPP)

Social relationships are key to the good health of older people.

Public health experts in Wales are highlighting the importance of providing opportunities for older people to be more socially active to protect their health.

How to maximise opportunities to improve health and wellbeing in disadvantaged communities: a practical toolkit for public bodies to implement the Socio-economic Duty

Public Health Wales has published a toolkit to help other public bodies in Wales to maximise opportunities that the Socio-Economic Duty offers

Public Health Wales marks ten years of abdominal aortic aneurysm screening in Wales

Public Health Wales is urging men aged 65 to consider taking up the offer of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) screening, as it marks the tenth anniversary of its AAA screening programme. 

The majority of people in Wales support reallocating local road space to improve walking and cycling

The latest survey from Public Health Wales’ Time to Talk Public Health panel has revealed that most people in Wales support reallocating road space in their local area for walking (75 percent) and cycling (68 percent). Creating an active environment is essential to support people to be physically active. 

Public Health Wales' vision for a healthier future for Wales

As the national public health organisation for Wales, Public Health Wales works towards a Wales where people live longer, healthier lives and where all people in Wales have fair and equal access to the things that lead to good health and wellbeing.  

Proportion of children with a healthy weight comparable to pre-pandemic levels but issues remain

The number of children aged 4-5 years who were of a healthy weight is broadly similar to that of pre-pandemic levels, in the six health boards that have submitted data to the 2021-22 Child Measurement Programme published today by Public Health Wales.