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Home testing and treatment for blood borne viruses available in Wales

Published: 20th May 2024

As the Infected Blood Inquiry report is published, we would like to remind people that there is a free home testing service in Wales that you can use to test for blood borne viruses.

Individuals should consider getting a test if they received a blood transfusion prior to September 1991, and have not previously been tested for a bloodborne virus. If people do test positive, both Hepatitis C and HIV are easily treatable with the latest medicines.

For people who received a blood transfusion prior to September 1991, the risk of having acquired an infection is very low, but people concerned about their risk,  can access a free and confidential test for Hepatitis C and HIV from Public Health Wales.

Since 1991, all blood donors are screened for blood borne viruses at every donation, and all blood is tested before it is sent to hospitals.

Today, if you have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C or HIV, treatment is available and side effects are rare. Hepatitis C can be cleared by taking pills for 8-12 weeks and HIV is an easily treatable condition, and patients can expect to live long and healthy lives.

Also, if you know you have HIV, and are taking treatment, it’s something that can’t be passed on to anyone else.

Brendan Healy, Consultant in Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at Public Health Wales, said:

"Our blood borne virus testing service offers a confidential and user-friendly way for individuals to assess their risk and take proactive steps towards safeguarding their health.

“We are committed to ensuring that everyone in Wales has access to essential healthcare services, including testing for blood borne viruses.  Our free, confidential test-and-post service empowers individuals to take control of their health."

For more information about the testing service for Hepatitis C and HIV, please visit to request your free, discreet and user-friendly home testing kit.

More information about the Infected Blood Inquiry is available on the Inquiry website

More information about Hepatitis C is available on the Public Health Wales website.