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Our Values

Our Values



The journey

Our values were developed by our staff; being so integral to an organisation’s identity, these could not be thought up by a one or two people in a meeting room! 

In 2016, all colleagues were invited to take part in facilitated discussions and workshops , focussing on how we see ourselves when we are at our best – something we should always strive for and that which should be our 'default'. 

Common themes became very clear very soon and, with final input from our Board, they were agreed.


How we integrate our Values

We continue to embed our values across our processes and procedures as well as bring them to life for all colleagues in Public Health Wales.

  • The journey begings during the recruitment cycle where candidates will be assessed against not only the competencies of the role, but our values too, ensuring that we employ candidates who truly believe in the same values that drive our organisation.
  • Once you begin your employment with us, you can expect your annual objectives known as 'My Contribution' to be built around our core values so that your individual goals support the organisations strategy and shared values.
  • We’re not just leaving the values there, we acknowledge the great work our colleagues do and, specifically, how we are doing during our annual staff awards which began in 2018 entitled ‘Diolch.’ The awards are for those who are recognised as having demonstrated exemplarily values-based behaviour!

It’s a journey we are just beginning, but we firmly believe that recognising the great work delivered by our colleagues will ensure we as an organisation continue to Work to Achieve a Healthier Future for Wales.