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Welsh Cancer Intelligence and Surveillance Unit (WCISU)

The Welsh Cancer Intelligence & Surveillance Unit (WCISU) is the National Cancer Registry for Wales and its primary role is to record, store and report on all incidence of cancer for the resident population of Wales wherever they are treated.

About Us

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We conduct our own research, but we also collaborate with universities in Wales and with numerous large-scale international studies. Click here for more.

Cancer Incidence in Wales, 2002-2018

Latest available cancer incidence official statistics for Wales for years 2002 to 2018, by cancer type, sex, stage at diagnosis, health board and deprivation

Cancer Survival in Wales, 2002-2018

The latest available cancer survival official statistics for Wales based on cancer registration diagnosis years 2002 to 2018, by cancer type, sex, health board, deprivation and stage at diagnosis.

Cancer mortality in Wales, 2001-2017

Latest available cancer mortality official statistics for Wales for years 2001 to 2017, by cancer type, sex, age at death and area disadvantage.

Macmillan-WCISU partnership

Macmillan Cancer Support and the Welsh Cancer Intelligence and Surveillance Unit of Public Health Wales entered into a partnership in April 2017.

Privacy Policy

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