COVID-19 vaccination information

The impact of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines would offer individual protection as well as greater protection for our loved ones and communities. In time it could mean that restrictions are eased and we can move further towards a return to more normal day-to-day life.

Several trials across many countries are continuing and we are getting closer to securing a safely tested and successful vaccine. 

In Wales, we have been planning for some time to make sure that systems are ready for when a vaccine does become available and approved as safe and effective for use. This includes organising the logistics for transporting and storing the vaccine, identifying suitable venues for vaccinations to take place, and ensuring that sufficient trained staff are available to administer the vaccines. 

There is currently no firm date for a COVID-19 vaccine to become available but these pages will be regularly updated with the latest information. However, NHS Wales will be ready from 1 December 2020 to offer a vaccine as soon as one is approved for use.

About the vaccine

Answers to frequently asked questions.

Eligibility for the vaccine

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Patient information

Details for COVID-19 vaccination patients.

Resources for health and social care professionals

Resources for delivery of the vaccine programme.