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COVID-19 vaccination information

This autumn, the COVID-19 vaccination programme is entering it’s third season. The aim of the COVID-19 vaccination programme is to protect people from severe illness due to the COVID-19 virus. 

As we move from a pandemic response into a recovery phase, the objective is to focus the offer of vaccination to those most at risk from serious disease and therefore most likely to benefit from vaccination. COVID-19 is more serious in older people and in people with certain underlying health conditions. This winter we expect to see COVID-19 and flu circulating at the same time, so it is very important to get protected to reduce the risk of being admitted to hospital due to these infections.  

You may be able to get a seasonal COVID-19 vaccine in autumn 2023 if you're at increased risk of getting seriously ill from COVID-19. For example, due to a health condition or your age. Your local NHS health board will contact you if you are eligible for a seasonal COVID-19 booster vaccination. 

Make sure you don’t delay getting your COVID-19 vaccine if you’re advised to. It is important to have your booster and build up your protection against severe illness before the winter. 



Safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines will offer individual protection as well as greater protection for our loved ones and communities.