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COVID-19 vaccination

COVID-19 vaccination programme

Description: The COVID-19 Vaccination e-learning programme consists of a core knowledge module and vaccine-specific modules with accompanying assessment modules for each. All those undertaking this e-learning should complete the core knowledge module as this is designed to provide essential knowledge about COVID-19 and the key principles of immunisation needed to deliver the vaccine. Learners should then complete the vaccine specific module(s) for the vaccine(s) they are going to give as these provide more detailed information. The assessment modules should be completed after each module.

More vaccine-specific modules will be added as and when more COVID-19 vaccines become available and authorised for supply in the UK.

Those new to, or returning to vaccination after a prolonged period, will also require face to face practical training in vaccine administration and assessment and competency sign-off before administering COVID-19 vaccines. Vaccinators should also have completed Basic Life Support and anaphylaxis training and any Statutory and Mandatory training required by their employer.

COVID-19 Vaccinator competency assessment tool

Registration: NHS Wales staff will be able to access the module via ESR. For more guidance on how to access the course click here.

For individuals that do not have access to ESR or work outside of NHS Wales, the module will be available from Learning@Wales a direct link to the module will be available on this platform.