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Bowel Screening Wales


Bowel Screening Wales is responsible for the NHS bowel screening programme in Wales. Bowel screening aims to find cancer at an early stage when treatment is likely to be more effective. Early detection is key. At least 9 out of 10 people will survive bowel cancer if it’s found and treated early. The test kit is designed to measure how much blood is in your poo and can be completed at home. Once you have sent your test your results will be back with you within two weeks. Men and women aged between 58 and 74, and who are living in Wales are invited to take the test every two years. 

The programme is expanding to include 58 and 59 year olds, this will be gradually rolled out over 12 months. People will automatically be invited between October 2021 and September 2022. See our Latest News page for more information.

Your feedback/our survey

If you have taken part in the Bowel Screening Wales screening programme and would like to tell us about your experience please click here to take part in our survey.

Screening during the Coronavirus Pandemic