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Your results

We aim to send out your results letter by post within 2 weeks of completing your bowel screening test kit.

Your doctor will also receive a copy of your results.

Most people (98 out of 100) will have a result that does not need further tests.

If blood is not found in your sample of poo, you will be invited again in 2 years’ time until you reach the age of 74. 

A small number of people (2 out of 100) will be invited for further tests as blood was found in their poo. This does not mean you have cancer. The result may have been caused by bleeding from polyps (small growths) or other conditions such as haemorrhoids (piles).

If we find blood in your poo, you will be asked to make a telephone appointment with a Screening Nurse who will assess you and discuss further tests. If you are invited for further tests is it important that you attend.

More information on assessment appointments is available in the leaflet ‘What happens next?’. 

What will happen at my assessment appointment?

The Screening Nurse will talk to you about having further tests including a colonoscopy. You will be asked questions to see if you are able to have a colonoscopy. This will include discussing:

  • Your general health
  • Your medical conditions (such as diabetes or asthma)
  • Operations you may have had
  • Medications that you currently take

A colonoscopy is a way of looking at the lining of your large bowel, to see whether there is any disease. A tube with a small light and a camera at one end is put into your bottom, to look at the lining of your large bowel. The pictures can be seen on a screen so they can be checked for polyps, disease or inflammation.

This test allows small samples (biopsies) of your bowel to be taken if needed.

If polyps are found they can be removed to stop them developing into cancer.

The Screening Nurse will discuss your results and any further appointments you may need.

What if you need treatment? 

If you are diagnosed with bowel cancer, finding it early gives the best chance of successful treatment. We will discuss all the treatment options with you to help you make your decision.

For more information and support visit Bowel Cancer UK


What if I need extra support?

If you, or a person you support needs extra help for the assessment appointment, contact us to let us know if you:

  • Need a face-to-face appointment.
  • Need an interpreter because Welsh or English is not your first language.
  • Have a disability, so we can make sure we offer you an accessible appointment.
  • Are caring for someone who cannot make decisions.
  • Have Power of Attorney for health and welfare for the person invited.

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