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Section 4 Our Goal

Our main aim is to make a measurable improvement to the health of the population in Wales by leading and supporting population-level health research and evaluation.

To achieve this, we will: 

  1. Identify public health research and evaluation priorities to shape the research agenda, work with partners to lead a valuable research and evaluation portfolio, and generate and use evidence to improve the health of the population and reduce health disparities in Wales.
  2. Help researchers and evaluators in Public Health Wales to develop, set-up and conduct research and evaluation that is rigorous, meaningful, and focused on important public health research and evaluation gaps. We will do this by providing a streamlined and effective model to help manage and support research and evaluation.
  3. Promote leadership in public health research and evaluation throughout Wales and the UK. We will work to influence the research funding environment and foster a culture that encourages impactful research and ensures that evaluations measure the impact on health outcomes.

To support the growth of research and evaluation within Public Health Wales we will use our strengths and assets to inform our work.