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Section 1 Executive Summary

We have developed a Research and Evaluation Strategy for Public Health Wales which will take us through to 2026. It shows how we will work with others to lead research and evaluation to improve the health and wellbeing of the people in Wales and to reduce health inequalities. This is an enabling strategy which helps us deliver our Long Term Strategy (2023-35).

Our strategy for 2023-2026 shows how we will work, what we will focus on, and how we will work with others in Wales and other countries to improve research and evaluation in Public Health Wales. We want to know what works to improve people's health and well-being, and we will use research and evaluation to figure this out.

To make our plan work, we will:

  • Build a culture of research and evaluation
  • Improve the way we manage and support research and evaluation
  • Work together with others and share our research and evaluation findings with everyone
  • Ensure that partners, stakeholders and the public are included in our research and evaluation

We will enable the delivery of our strategy through focusing on conducting research and evaluation that is rigorous, meaningful, and addresses gaps in our knowledge to improve health.

Building and strengthening research and evaluation across the organisation is essential if we are to meet the complex challenges, maximise opportunities for population health and reduce health inequalities.