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Research and Evaluation Strategy

Our aim is to be an outstanding learning and developing organisation that transforms public health by focusing on research and evaluation that will help make a difference to practice. Our research and evaluation principles are as follows:

  • Open by default: Developing and sharing areas of research interest, publishing outputs targeted to the needs of those who use our services, and being clear about what we are leading or supporting. 
  • Inclusive: Designing approaches and solutions with communities when working with them, collecting and evaluating equalities information, and working with communities to include those whose trust we don’t have.
  • Multidisciplinary: Celebrating the range of our work and combining the skills and diverse expertise we need, leading to a joint model of research and evaluation. 
  • Influential: Guiding our funders to address gaps in evidence, research and evaluation needed to help us achieve our health aims.
  • Joined up: Making sure we have shared standards for products and a clear and comprehensive package of research, and that we work with others to deliver our services.