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What are the current shift patterns in the COVID-19 contact centre?

With effect from 30 March, we have moved to a pattern of shift working as follows:

  • Early              - 8.00am – 3.00pm          

  • Late               - 2.30pm – 10.00pm       

The results of the SharePoint survey have allowed us to allocate hours based on staff availability and service need. This approach to scheduling will allow us to give you more notice and provide a more regular shift pattern for the contact centre. We hope this approach will avoid anyone having to work excessive hours and keep us fit and well in the weeks to come. Staffing levels will take into account rest breaks and absences. It is our expectation that this arrangement will continue for the foreseeable future and will be reviewed at regular intervals.

These shift patterns will replace normal working patterns while we respond to the outbreak. We appreciate that this represents a significant adjustment to existing arrangements and will need your full support to resource.