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Immunisation training resources and events

Training standards

Immunisation training - supporting a competent workforce

A high level of knowledge and a positive attitude to immunisation in healthcare practitioners are widely acknowledged as being important determinants in achieving and maintaining high vaccine uptake. It is therefore vital that immunisers are confident, knowledgeable and up to date. Good foundation training and regular updates must be provided and undertaken to achieve this, a recommendation also made by National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) working group on vaccine hesitancy.

The aim of the National Standards is to ensure consistency in the training provided across the country and to aid those responsible for providing training.

Training guidance documents

Training recommendations specific to the influenza vaccination programme

This guidance has been amended for use in NHS Wales. Information about flu immunisation training to support healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Training recommendations specific to the COVID-19 vaccination programme

Clinical competency documents

General immunisation competency tool

The immunisation knowledge and skills competency assessment tool is a competence framework to support the training and assessment of registered and non-registered health care workers who have a role in immunisations:

Influenza specific competency tool

COVID-19 specific competency tool

Healthcare support workers training resources and guidance


Immunisation eLearning

Online learning is provided by Public Health Wales Vaccine Preventable Disease Programme (VPDP) in partnership with the Workforce Information System (WfIS) Programme, shared services. This page offers support with getting started with eLearning and hosts immunisation eLearning modules developed by VPDP Public Health Wales, as well as National immunisation eLearning modules produced by eLearning for healthcare.

Vaccine specific training slide sets

The Vaccine Preventable Disease Programme (VPDP) are currently updating a number of the vaccine programme specific training slides.

UKHSA immunisations has training slides available to view. It is important to be aware of policy specific to NHS Wales when viewing these resources.


A live Q&A session was delivered on 13 January 2022, outlining the recent JCVI statement recommending COVID-19 vaccination to children and young people aged 5-11 years with risk factors, including recommendations on boosters in those aged 12-17 years.

A live Q&A session was delivered on 21 December 2021, outlining the temporary suspension of the 15- minute observation period after a mRNA vaccine and the latest evidence on SARs-CoV-2 & the COVID-19 vaccination programme in pregnant women:

A live Q&A session providing a COVID-19 Vaccination programme update was delivered on 2 December 2021:

A live Q&A session outlining the current issues in vaccination programmes was delivered on 20 October 2021:

A live Q&A session was delivered on 17 August outlining the COVID-19 vaccination programme for pregnant women:

Video resources

UKHSA - Primary care immunisation webinar series 2020 This series of webinars are designed to help immunisers revise and update their knowledge of key areas in immunisation. They are intended as updates for those already immunising, not as foundation training for new immunisers.

Vaccine administration training video This training video has been developed by PHW to support and supplement local immunisation training. This training resource should be used alongside the national minimum standards and core curriculum for immunisation training.

Video showing IM injection to an adult This video is a section of the above vaccine administration training video to highlight the correct vaccination technique when administering an IM injection to an adult. Please note this video was filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important for immunisers to follow current Infection prevention and control procedures.

Administration of FLUENZ TETRA Intranasal influenza vaccine video

Get Immunised is a school based vaccination video. It is also available in Welsh at Cael Imiwneiddio.

Welsh Immunisation Conference

2023 will mark the 20th anniversary of the first Welsh Immunisation Conference (WIC). The WIC historically supports European Immunisation Week (EIW) in conjunction with other World Health Organization (WHO) regional initiatives, which normally falls in the 3rd week of April. EIW slogan is:


“Prevent. Protect. Immunise.”


Further information can be found on the European Immunisation Week website. The WIC has always attracted high calibre national and international speakers from the field of immunisation and vaccination. The Vaccine Preventable Disease Programme looks forward to being able to start hosting these valued events once more.