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Pregnancy and childhood surveillance tool (2017)

This interactive surveillance tool focuses on the health of children and the health of women during pregnancy. It comprises of a suite of indicators; childhood indicators presented at local authority level and pregnancy indicators presented at health board level.

Key Messages

Childhood indicators

This has been produced as part of the surveillance work stream of the Public Health Wales Early Years Programme. The Early Years Programme has been set up to explore how expertise from service, academia, policy and others can be brought together to focus on early years - giving every child a healthy start. In producing this tool, the Observatory has taken account of the Welsh Government Early Years Outcome Framework to promote consistency in reporting.

The childhood surveillance indicators cover a range of topics on child health including:

  • Poverty and homelessness

  • Children in need

  • Overweight / obesity

  • Teenage conceptions and live births

  • Decayed, missing and filled teeth

  • Emergency admissions for injury

  • Social worker provision


Pregnancy indicators

The pregnancy surveillance indicators present a set of indicators as specified by the Welsh Government Maternity Strategy. Data are presented for births in the period April 1st 2015 – March 31st 2016. The indicators include:

  • Lifestyle in pregnancy

  • Low birth weight

  • Breastfeeding

  • Healthy births

  • Caesarean sections

  • Initial assessment carried out by 10 weeks of pregnancy

  • Mental health care plan in place

Explore Data Further

Childhood indicators

The interactive tool (.xlsx) allows the user to select the local authority of interest via a drop-down menu and provides a health board and Wales comparison. Trends have been included where available.

The following supporting documents are also available within the tool (.xlsx) to assist users:

  • An interpretation guide on how to use the tool

  • An indicator guide explaining the data sources and methods used

The development of the interactive tool has been informed by the Plentyn Gwent Child Early Years Surveillance tool pilot, which reported on the health of children living in Gwent in 2014 and the Welsh Government Early Years Outcomes Framework.

Download  Data used in interactive tool (.xlsx) 

Download  Superseded 2016 interactive tool (.xlsx)

Pregnancy indicators

The interactive tool has been produced in Tableau (link will open tool in new window) and users can select the health board of interest from the drop-down menu.

technical guide (.pdf) is also available which includes details about the data source and the methods used for each indicator.

Download The data used in this tool is available in Excel format here (.xlsx).

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Public Health Wales Early Years Programme

Plentyn Gwent Child Early Years Surveillance tool