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Chapter 4 - Infection Control in the Built Environment and Decontamination

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Wales-specific guidance and policies

Links to all-Wales and English documents and websites, currently active within Welsh healthcare, specifically in relation to SICPs:
Public Health Wales: Welsh Healthcare Associated Infection Programme website
NB: New Public Health Wales website underdevelopment 
NHS Wales: Guidance on the reporting and handling of serious incidents and other patient related concerns/no surprises 2010/11
NHS Wales / WHSSC: Protocol for dealing with concerns, under the National Health Service (concerns, complaints and redress arrangements) (Wales) regulations 2011, which relate to specialised services within Wales December 2016
NHS Wales / Welsh Government: Patient Safety Wales
NHS Wales: Governance e-manual (patient safety)
Welsh Government: Patient safety - statistics and research
Welsh Government: Surveillance of Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs)
Public Health Wales: Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response: Managing Infectious Disease Emergencies
Public Health Wales: The Communicable Disease Outbreak Plan for Wales
Public Health Wales: The Public Health Wales Emergency Response Plan (Version 1) November 2016
Public Health Wales: Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre
NHS Wales / Welsh Government: Never Events List 2018 and Assurance Review Process
NOTE: Further documents can be accessed via Public Health Wales Compendium: Healthcare Associated Infection (HCAI): Guidance Set Healthcare Associated Infection (HCAI) Guidance Set (updated September 2018)

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