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Chapter 1 Standard Infection Control Precautions (SICPs)

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Wales-specific guidance and policies

Links to all-Wales and English documents and websites, currently active within Welsh healthcare, specifically in relation to SICPs:
Welsh Government (WG) Specific / Welsh Health Circulars (WHC)
NHS Wales e-manual for Welsh Government: Health and Care Standards, 2015, including:
  • Welsh Health Circular: WHC(2015)015
  • Welsh Health and Care Standards
(reference to Standard 2.4: Infection Prevention and Decontamination)
WG: WHC/2018/020, issue date 4 May 2018: AMR Improvement goals & HCAI reduction expectations by March 2019: Primary & Secondary Care antimicrobial prescribing goals: C.difficile. S.aureus bacteraemias & Gram negative bacteraemias
WG: WHC (2018) 033, Issue date 25 July 2018: Airborne Isolation Room Requirements
(link not currently available)
WG: WHC/2015/026, Issue date 5 June 2015: Aseptic non-touch technique (ANTT): Implementation of a National Standardised Approach:
WG: WHC/2016/007, issue date 11 February 2016: Guidance on Infection Prevention and Control of Carbopenamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE) and other multi-drug resistant organisms (MDRO) to an external website - opens in new window
WG: WHC/2016/021, issue date 30 March 2016: Antimicrobial Resistance Delivery Plan
Antimicrobial Resistance / Multi-drug Resistant Organisms (MDRO)
Welsh Government: Together for Health – tackling antimicrobial resistance & improving antimicrobial prescribing, 2016
Public Health Wales: Welsh Antimicrobial Resistance Programme
Public Health Wales: All Wales Guidance for Developing Policies and Procedures to Manage Multi Drug Resistant Organisms (MDRO) including MRSA
Public Health Wales: Multi Drug Resistant Organisms (MDRO) resource page
Aseptic Non-Touch Technique (ANTT)
Public Health Wales: ANTT resources
NHS Wales model policy: Aseptic Non Touch Technique (ANTT): A national, standardised approach to aseptic technique, May 2017
Cleaning and Decontamination
Welsh Government: Ministerial letter EH/ML/30.9: Revised National Standards for Cleaning in Wales, 9 December 2009
National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA): Revised Healthcare Cleaning Manual, June 2009
National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA): The national specifications for cleanliness in the NHS: Guidance on setting and measuring performance outcomes in primary care medical and dental premises, August 2010
Shared Services Partnership - Special Estates Services: Link to list of current Welsh Health Technical Memoranda (WHBN), including:
  • WHTM 01-01: Decontamination of medical devices within acute services, Part A – E
  • WHTM 01-04: Decontamination of linen for health and social care
  • WHTM 01-05: Decontamination in primary care dental practices and community dental services
  • WHTM 01-06: Decontamination of flexible endoscopes, Part A – E
  • WHTM 04-01: Safe water in healthcare premises, Part A – C and Supplement
  • WHTM 07-01: Safe management of healthcare waste
Shared Services Partnership - Special Estates Services: Link to list of current Welsh Health Building Notes (WHBN), including:
  • WHBN 00-01: General design guidance for healthcare buildings
  • WHBN 00-09: Infection control in the built environment
  • WHBN 04-01: Adult in-patient facilities
  • WHBN 00-10: Sanitary assemblies
  • WHBN 04-01: Supplement 1 – Isolation facilities for infectious patients in acute settings
Welsh Government/Public Health Wales: Welsh Health Circular WHC/2015/050: Decontamination of medical devices: A development Plan for Healthcare Organisations
WHTM 01-01 Decontamination of surgical instruments (medical devices) used in acute wards. Part A: Management and Provision, 2018: to an external website - opens in new window
Welsh Government: Building Regulations 2010: Sanitation, hot water and water efficiency
Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs)
Welsh Government: Healthcare Associated Infections webpage which includes:
Chief Medical Officer/Chief Nursing Officer letter: Code of Practice for healthcare associated infections, 3 June 2014
  • WG: Code of Practice for Prevention and Control of Healthcare associated Infections, 2014
  • WG: Healthcare Associated Infections – A strategy for hospitals in Wales, 2004
  • WG: Healthcare associated infections – Community strategy for Wales, 2007
  • WG: patient information leaflet: Hospital acquired infections, 2006
Public Health Wales
Public Health Wales: 1000 Lives Improvement
Public Health Wales: All-Wales Infection Prevention and Control Guidance for Educational Settings, May 2017 (under review 2018)
Public Health Wales: Infection Prevention and Control for Childcare settings (0-5 years): Nurseries, Child Minders and Playgroups. All Wales Guidance, October 2014 (under review 2018):
Public Health Wales: Infection Prevention and Control in Care Homes - All Wales Guidance, April 2016 (under review 2018):
Public Health Wales: Seasonal Influenza in Wales Annual Report (2017-18) and Uptake of Seasonal Influenza Vaccination: 2003-2018:
Public Health Wales: Immunisation and Vaccine Preventable Disease Programme: Influenza– 2018/19 Season: (NHS Wales only)
Infection Prevention Society (IPS)
Infection Prevention Society (IPS) Quality Improvement Tools:
Respiratory Precautions / Influenza
Public Health Wales: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all known or suspected cases of Ebola Virus Disease in Acute Healthcare Settings in Wales, Version 1b, October 2014
Public Health Wales: Managing Seasonal Influenza: Infection and Prevention Guidance in Healthcare Settings, January 2018 (under review September 2018):
Public Health Wales: Beat flu resources and leaflets, including cough etiquette posters
Public Health Wales: Weekly Influenza Activity and Surveillance in Wales Report:
Welsh Government: Welsh Health Circular: Issue date: 6 June 2018. WHC (2018) 023 The National Influenza Immunisation Programme 2018-19:
Welsh Government: Respiratory Health Delivery Plan, 2018-2020
Waste Management
NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership: Waste Management Compliance - GP Practices
NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership: Waste Management Aid to Compliance, supporting pharmacies, October 2015
WHTM 07-01: Safe management of healthcare waste
WHBN 00-10: Sanitary assemblies
Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust (WAST)
Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust (WAST): Infection Prevention and Control Guidance and Procedures, September 2013 (under review 2018)
NOTE: Further documents can be accessed via Public Health Wales Compendium: Healthcare Associated Infection (HCAI): Guidance Set Healthcare Associated Infection (HCAI) Guidance Set (updated September 2018)
NOTE: Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust (WAST) and Welsh National Blood Service adopt practices that may differ from those stated in the NIPCM.
NOTE: Health Boards, Trusts, Care Homes and Primary Care settings’ cleaning and decontamination processes and procedures may differ from those stated in NIPCM. Please refer to local policy and protocol.

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