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We have teamed up with NHS Scotland to host and utilise their electronic National Infection Control Manual (NICM) to ensure all healthcare organisations in Wales have access to consistent, current and standardised polices to support practice.

Model Policies for Infection Prevention and Control for Standard Infection Control Precaution Precautions and Transmission-based Precaution Policies previously developed and by Public Health Wales have been superseded by the adoption of the Scottish National Infection Control Manual (NICM).

This e-manual has been adopted for use by all healthcare organisations in Wales and is based on systematic reviews of the literature and policies from Health Protection Scotland and we gratefully acknowledge their work.

As part of routine updating of the manual, Public Health Wales contribute to the consensus committee that approves and ratifies changes to ensure they are fit for purpose.

We hope that this e-manual will:

  • contribute to standardised practice for infection prevention and therefore HCAI reduction lead to harm reduction
  • improve quality of care for our patients