Report highlights Public Health Wales' outstanding research achievements

Public Health Wales has published its latest annual Research and Evaluation Highlights report. 

The report makes for impressive reading, covering our involvement in innovative research and evaluation with significant impact on public health, policy and practice, both nationally and internationally. 

Our achievements span from 145 academic publications, 23 active research projects and nearly £1.5m in external income generated. All of this is in support of a number of our strategic priorities as we continue to develop the evidence needed to address major public health challenges we are facing.

Dr Alisha Davies, Head of Research and Evaluation Division at Public Health Wales, said:

"We’re excited by the depth and breadth of the new knowledge generated over the past year. Our collective research and evaluation across Public Health Wales spans many areas with direct and indirect effects on health, including infectious disease, Brexit, homelessness and access to health services, to name but a few".

Research highlights from the past year include: 
•    Our research on the use of technology across Wales.
•    The health and well-being of young people in Wales—do they think Brexit will make a difference? 
•    The use of physical activity monitors to support healthy behaviours.
•    A randomised controlled trial of effectiveness of group B meningococcal vaccines.
•    A study exploring the health experiences of asylum seekers and refugees in Wales.

This report is brought together by the Research and Evaluation Division, and showcases research from across Public Health Wales and in partnership with a range of institutions and organisations, including: schools, Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service, Welsh Government, the transport and private sectors, Welsh Refugee Council, academia, and Rural Health and Care Wales. 

Dr Davies added:

“Our work cuts across policy agendas and engages a wide range of partners. By generating new knowledge and seeking to answer big questions, our research plays a fundamental role in achieving Public Health Wales’ vision for a healthier future for Wales.

“By working with others we’ve been able to focus attention on areas of research where our collective efforts can achieve the most impact to make a real and lasting difference to people’s lives.” 

Dr Davies concluded:

“Public Health Wales has a strong commitment to strengthening and supporting the research culture in the organisation. We will continue to do this through the implementation of our organisational research and evaluation strategy, as we continue to look forward and build on these many successes.”