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Building and mobilising knowledge and skills to improve health and well-being across Wales

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We will develop the skills, policy, evidence-based knowledge to help us and our partners improve health and well-being.

We play a key role in supporting evidence informed policy and practice. We can add value to the development, implementation and evaluation of joined up policy, at a local, national and international level, that supports the protection, improvement and promotion of health and well-being and reduces health inequalities across Wales.

In order to achieve this we will enable the timely generation, review and communication of local, national and international knowledge to effectively improve, protect and sustain the health of current and future generations in Wales. We will inform policy and practice through expert, impartial, trusted intelligence leading a whole-system, cross-sector approach for population health.

By 2030, we expect to have:

  • a population with a deeper understanding of the health challenges and opportunities in Wales, empowered to influence the outcomes for their communities
  • public services influencing population health outcomes informed by world class knowledge, intelligence and analysis, giving maximum return on investment embedded in sustainable development approaches
  • public services with the skills, capacity and support to access and apply world class intelligence and research to inform policy, quality assured health impact assessment and a sustainable development approach
  • international agencies learning from and contributing to excellence in application of sustainable population health benefits in Wales

This will mean:

  • developing a new public health research and development agenda
  • working with academia to develop public health research capacity and educational provision
  • informing policy and taking action
  • exploiting new technology
  • implementing a new health intelligence system
  • developments in health economics and metrics
  • international engagement
  • development of skills

By 2030, we will:

  • have a thriving research and development environment, drawing from and contributing to the best international evidence, attracting diverse investment and employing research talent from around the world
  • be an international exemplar and trusted national resource in the use of evidence and intelligence to inform decision making for health
  • be a recognised lead in the mobilisation of knowledge for population health, through system wide leadership
  • have influenced key decision makers through a knowledge- informed, health impact, future-focused and sustainable approach
Drug deaths at their highest ever levels in Wales

Welsh drug deaths are at their highest ever levels according to a new report by Public Health Wales, with deaths from drug poisoning having increased by 78 per cent over the last 10 years.

Building and mobilising knowledge , Influencing the wider determinants of health
Tuberculosis in Wales Annual Report 2019

Tuberculosis cases decline, yet the disease remains a concern

Building and mobilising knowledge , Protecting the public from infection & threats
Knowledge, Research and Information Committee papers published

The Knowledge, Research and Information Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday 09 October 2019.

Building and mobilising knowledge