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Official Statistics

Public Health Wales is a recognised producer of official statistics from:

It is anticipated that there will be further releases from other divisions / teams over time.

Official statistics are outputs produced by the UK Statistics Authority's executive office (the Office for National Statistics), by central Government departments and agencies, by the devolved administrations in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and by other Crown and public sector bodies (over 200 bodies in total) and designated as such.

Official statistics provide quantitative or qualitative information on all major areas of citizens' lives, such as economic and social development living conditions health, education, and the environment.  These help users develop their knowledge about a particular topic or geographical area, make comparisons between countries or understand changes over time.

All Public Health Wales official statistics comply with the Principles and Protocols, which are detailed in the Code of Practice available from the UK Statistics Authority.

The expected Official Statistics releases by Public Health Wales over the coming twelve months (as a minimum) are given on the Welsh Government Official Statistics Release Calendar.

The interim named Lead Officer for official statistics within Public Health Wales is Linda Bailey, a Consultant in Public Health in the Health Intelligence Division. However any queries relating to a specific release should go to the lead member of staff for that release.


Official Statistics Group Terms of Reference

Official Statistics guidance