Staying connected with grandparents, wider family and friends

It might not be exactly how you pictured it, bringing your baby home with social distancing measures in place. But many new parents have been finding new ways to mark the first few weeks of their baby’s life and staying connected with the people they love. Here are some ideas to try

  • Use video calling to introduce your newborn to grandparents, wider family and friends
  • Make and share short videos of your new life together as a family. Videos can be a good way to capture how your baby is growing and developing without having to make lots of phone calls. 
  • Make a family playlist for your newborn full of songs that family members have suggested, babies will love to hear you singing along and having songs that remind you of your wider family is a great way to feel connected.
  • Use a private Instagram or other photo sharing account as an online diary where can share pictures and stories of your newborn with the friends and family you want to see it.

Older babies might also enjoying playing peepo, making funny faces or practicing waving with their grandparents on a video call.