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Keeping Active

The COVID19 crisis means that we are staying in and close to our homes more than at any other time in our history – but lots of people are finding ways to shake off the effects of being indoors for too long. This can help whether you don’t usually think too much about physical activity or are used to playing sport or exercising regularly.

  • Keeping active, whatever your age or ability, brings real benefits to your physical health and mental wellbeing.
  • Keeping active can mean being active in your home and garden: doing household jobs and tasks, playing games with your children or having a go at a structured exercise programme that suits you.
  • Keeping active could be using the daily exercise time outdoors that the Government guidance allows, to take a walk, a run or a cycle ride, remembering to only do this close to home and when you can be sure of following the social distancing rules, to keep you and others safe.

You’ll find some tools, advice and ideas below to help keep you and your family moving, whatever your age or ability.  We are keen to hear how you get on and for you to share your experience and advice to others who are using this website.


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