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Calming Activities - to help you feel betterĀ 

Calming activities are things you can do to help yourself feel a bit better. They will help if you do them every day, not just when you are feeling overwhelmed. You can do calming activities on your own or as a family:

You could try:

  • Self-care exercises - think about what you do for yourself that makes you feel better; it may be having a bath, going for a walk, eating a favourite food, or listening to music. Make a list of ideas and try to do at least one every day. 
  • Relaxation and mindfulness exercises - these are popular because research has shown they can improve how you feel and lift your mood – why not try headspace? People like to relax in different ways, find one that suits you. 
  • Talking to family or friends who can reassure you - think about who makes you feel better and make a point of getting in touch with them, it’s OK to ask for reassurance. When you feel supported, it can be easier to support others, too.