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Rotavirus - Information for health professionals

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Rotavirus infection causes acute gastroenteritis. Spread is mainly faecal-oral person to person. Although mortality is low with adequate supportive treatment, it may be fatal where rehydration is not available. 


The rotavirus vaccine, Rotarix is an oral, live attenuated vaccine.

Rotarix protects against gastroenteritis due to rotavirus serotypes G1P, G2P, G3P, G4P, G9P, which account for 97% of the rotavirus strains that are circulating in the UK.

Summary of product characteristics

Schedule guidance in the The Green Book, chapter 27b: Rotavirus supersedes the SmPC.

The Complete Routine Immunisation Schedule includes information about routine and non-routine vaccinations.



Vaccination programme recommendations from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) and Welsh Government policy can be found at the links below.

Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation - GOV.UK (read JCVI publications and statements; search e.g. rotavirus).

Welsh Health Circulars and Welsh Government letters

Live Attenuated Vaccines: Avoid Use In Those Who Are Clinically Immunosuppressed, Including Neonates (May 2016)

New National Immunisation Programmes and Introduction of a Rotavirus Programme (May 2013)


Training resources and events

Online courses and training materials about a number of vaccines and diseases can be accessed via the E-learning page.

Further immunisation training information and resources are provided on the Training Resources and Events page.


Clinical resources and information

The Green Book, chapter 27b: Rotavirus

The rotavirus vaccination programme: Information for healthcare practitioners (UKHSA)

Patient group directions (PGDs) and protocols

PGD templates for vaccines can be found on the Patient group directions (PGDs) and protocols page.

Further clinical resources and information


Data and surveillance