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Influenza (flu) - Information for health and social care workers eligible for the vaccine

Care home staff with regular client contact are eligible for a free NHS flu vaccine, this is generally given at their community pharmacy.

Domiciliary care workers are eligible for a free NHS flu vaccine, this is generally given at their community pharmacy.

Healthcare workers should get their flu vaccine via their employer.

NHS Health and social care workers with direct patient/client contact are recommended to have annual vaccination to protect themselves and those in their care.

When you work in health or social care you have a responsibility to protect your patients/clients from infection. This includes vaccination against flu.

Vaccinating health and social care workers also helps reduce the level of sickness absences and contributes to keeping the NHS and social care services running. This is particularly important when responding to winter pressures.

Health care employers, including primary care contractors, should actively promote the positive benefits of flu vaccination to workers by giving staff balanced and factually correct information in a timely manner, and encouraging and supporting their eligible staff to get vaccinated.

Healthcare colleagues in Wales are advised to visit the Public Health Wales Immunisation and Vaccination Intranet site (NHS Wales network connection required).


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Every year respiratory viruses like flu spread and cause illness. They are especially dangerous to people who are vulnerable to infection, such as the very young, very old, and those with long term health conditions.

Annual flu vaccination is one of the best ways to protect against catching or spreading flu. Front line health and social care staff are strongly recommended to have a flu vaccine every year. This is to protect themselves, their colleagues, their families and those in their care, some of whom may be at high risk.

Employers have a responsibility to facilitate the vaccine for their staff.

All NHS Wales health boards and trusts actively encourage their staff to have annual flu vaccination every year.

NHS flu vaccine is available free for staff in adult residential care homes, nursing homes and children’s hospices with regular client contact, and for domiciliary carers. This is available from community pharmacies that offer the Community Pharmacy NHS Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Service, and in some areas it is also available via other routes.

Clinical guidance and resources are available at Influenza (flu) - Information for health professionals delivering the service and Influenza (NHS Wales staff only).



Vaccination programme recommendations from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) and Welsh Government policy can be found at the links below.




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