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Why should I get a COVID-19 vaccine?

Healthy adults are at risk of complications from COVID-19, and the risk is higher for older adults or those with certain health conditions. About 15% of younger adults, including those in their 20s, get symptoms which can last for months after being infected (‘long COVID’). Having a COVID-19 vaccine protects most people against serious complications from COVID-19.

We all want to get life going again and the vaccination programme is a big step towards this. Lots of people in Wales recognise this too – a survey in 2021 showed that around 80% of younger adults said they would get vaccinated.

Uptake of the vaccine in the first part of the vaccination programme has been very high.

If you want to travel abroad in the future, some countries might ask you to prove you have been vaccinated. COVID-19 rates are higher in some other countries.

Vaccines offer us hope for controlling the pandemic but we need as many people to get vaccinated as possible for this to work best. Every vaccination counts, including yours.