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Learning from Reviews Report

Learning from Reviews Report


NST Designated Professionals regularly contribute to Child and Adult Practice Reviews.  
The overall purpose of the review system is to promote a positive culture of multi-agency learning and including promoting best practice. There is an obligation for all agencies involved in the care, support and protection of children and adults at risk to ensure that the highest possible standards of care, support and protection are provided and maintained at all times.  Part of this obligation is a requirement to learn from mistakes, especially those resulting in the death or serious injury of a child or adult at risk.

Safeguarding Practice Reviews in Wales are carried out on behalf of the Regional Safeguarding Boards and provide a way for partner agencies to identify the lessons that can be learned from particularly complex or difficult cases and to implement changes to improve services in the light of these lessons.

The NST have produced a report to highlight key themes from published Child and Adult Practice reviews and Domestic Homicide Reviews in Wales for the period 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019.The work aims to shape best practice and encourage reflection on the lessons and themes identified within local areas.

Download   PHW Learning from Reviews Report