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Areas of Research and Evaluation Interest for Public Health Wales -2024

1. Executive Summary

This publication sets out Public Health Wales’ (PHWs’) Areas of Research and Evaluation (R&E) Interest which lists the research questions we are interested in learning more about. We have developed and published this list in relation to our six long-term strategic priorities, to enable researchers, funders and collaborators to understand our priorities and focus their efforts to make the biggest impact. 

We are keen to discuss and engage with stakeholders including researchers and funders to draw on a wide range of strengths and expertise to address these questions. We can be contacted via the PHW Research and Development Office who are on hand to identify the domain experts across PHW to start the conversation.

This publication builds upon the PHW R&E Strategy (2023-2026) which describes the way in which we will work to develop R&E within the organisation and in collaboration with partners. To find out more about the programmes and specialist services PHW deliver, alongside our public health expertise and priorities, please refer to Our Strategic Plan (2023-2026) and to our Long-term Strategy.