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Foundational Site Visits

The Foundational Site Visits are part of the Safe Care Partnership which is between NHS Wales health boards and trusts, Improvement Cymru and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI).  The Safe Care Partnership coaches and supports health boards and trusts to improve the quality and safety of care across their systems.

Part of the process of being in the partnership involves a Foundational Site Visit to the health board or trust from Improvement Cymru and IHI. 

The purpose of the site visit is to understand the culture, learning systems and leadership of an organisation for delivering and sustaining safe, effective and reliable health care.

The visit provides an opportunity to spend time with individuals, teams and departments from a wide variety of care settings and services to learn about their challenges and achievements. This helps us gain a clear understanding on how we can support their patient safety improvement.

On-site visits take place over two days in collaboration with the health board or trust and a summary report of findings and recommendations is presented to the health board or trust by Improvement Cymru and IHI. The findings from the visits across Wales inform the focus of the Safe Care Collaborative.

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