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Visionary Commendation for Sustainability

The significant challenge presented by Covid-19 has required a transformation in the way employers operate with their service users, customers and staff. A combination of staff working around the clock to increase capacity, optimise infection control procedures and develop new working practices as infections rose, and clear and considered public health messaging, prevented the NHS from being overwhelmed and enabled many employers to continue to operate. Thanks to these efforts, a ‘new normal’ was established. But how will those initiatives and process changes, developed through necessity during the crisis, fare in the future?

This commendation celebrates the innovations, initiatives and redesigns developed during the Covid crisis that are becoming a mainstay for the mid to long term. Entries could demonstrate:

  • How health outcomes have been improved through the development of a new system, technology or programme/innovation.
  • How health outcomes of staff or service users have been improved through the extension of and/or improved quality of healthy working practices, for example, new approaches to communications and engagement with staff and/or service users.
  • Development of solutions that address barriers to improving health outcomes as a result of healthcare accessibility, human resource constraints, information availability, and lack of infrastructure.

Our judges want to hear how you are making your innovations stick and continuing to drive sustainable approaches for staff and/or service users which has a positive effect on health.




Thank you to everyone who submitted entries to the Healthy Working Wales Covid-19 Commendation Event. The judges remarked on the excellent quality of the submissions that we received and how challenging it was to shortlist.