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Visionary Commendation for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, diversity and inclusion are complementary, although members of the same family they are distinct from one another but equally important. This means that all of them, as outlined below, should be considered within organisations:

  • Equality – all people are treated fairly, irrespective of differences.
  • Diversity – the range of people in the workforce are diverse. There are a good mix of genders, ages, religions, sexual preferences, cultures and disabilities. These differences are valued, not discriminated against.
  • Inclusion – everyone feels valued and able to express personal opinions and ideas. This includes discussing any problem areas with management and removing the presence of bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Good diversity and inclusion decisions benefit workers, wider society, and organisations. Any business case for diversity must consider the potential positive outcomes for individuals, such as impact on wellbeing, and balance them with business outcomes.

By feeling included, employees feel less stressed and are less likely to have negative emotions towards their employer. A greater range of voices are heard throughout an organisation encouraging a diversity of thinking that will only be beneficial.

This commendation celebrates the innovations, initiatives and redesigns developed during the Covid-19 crisis that have:

  • Encouraged inclusive participation and made positive steps towards the elimination of discrimination.
  • Promoted equality, diversity and inclusion and had a demonstrable positive impact.
  • Demonstrated commitment to the values of equality, diversity and inclusion beyond the expectations of an organisation’s corporate social responsibility.
  • Shown innovation in response to a specific equality and diversity issue.




Thank you to everyone who submitted entries to the Healthy Working Wales Covid-19 Commendation Event. The judges remarked on the excellent quality of the submissions that we received and how challenging it was to shortlist.