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Best Physical Wellbeing Initiative

This commendation recognises workplaces who have implemented an exceptional strategy to strengthen physical wellbeing in the workplace during the Covid-19 pandemic. Entries could describe:

  • How an effective physical wellbeing initiative has been implemented and adopted from top to bottom at all employee levels.
  • How employees have been motivated and encouraged to become more physically active which has resulted in a positive effect on the physical wellbeing of staff.
  • How habits not conducive to positive physical wellbeing have been successfully challenged and those habits that are have been championed, with executive buy-in and resulting in company-wide cultural change.
  • How considerations around physical wellbeing are reflected in a strategic approach and wider policies and systems that flex to the needs of all employees, for example, recognising that good physical wellbeing cannot be taken for granted and therefore offer reasonable adjustments and flexible working.

Entrants should demonstrate an inclusive, preventive and supportive approach to promoting physical wellbeing and delivery of measurable improvements and success.




Thank you to everyone who submitted entries to the Healthy Working Wales Covid-19 Commendation Event. The judges remarked on the excellent quality of the submissions that we received and how challenging it was to shortlist.