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Step 8 - Monitoring

The purpose of monitoring a practice policy is to establish the effect it has on the relevant group or groups. It is particularly important to monitor closely when new policy or a policy change has been implemented. This helps the practice keep a close eye on new impact that may be occurring due to specific policies, and allows professionals to recognise whether another EIA may need to be conducted.

  • The EIA must specify a system of monitoring, and that system must be is reviewed on an annual basis
  • The monitoring system must be appropriate and properly evaluate the effect of the policy on relevant groups
  • Monitoring, evaluation and review processes must be implemented to ensure that the anticipated impact of the policy and the actual impact of the policy coincide
  • A monitoring team should be appointed and hold responsibility for thorough evaluation of the policy, and make suggestions for future EIAs when necessary
  • The monitoring system itself should also continuously be reviewed to ensure it is still obtaining accurate and reliable measures in relation to the policies of a practice


Download the Step 8 checklist here.