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Step 4 - Recommendations

In this stage focus on fairness is essential. Think about what changes need to be made, or new policy aspects that need to be added in order to promote fairness across groups.  Involve materials obtained through data collection and engagement.

Recommendations may be presented in the form of an action plan, and should include:

  • Actions identified as necessary
  • Details of who is responsible for implementation of actions
  • Timescale for implementation
  • Timescale and actions for review
  • Details of how the effects of the actions will be evaluated to measure expected outcomes

The practice must properly evidence and recommend one of four policy implementation options:

  1.   No major change
  2.   Adjust the policy
  3.   Continue the policy
  4.   Stop and remove the policy


If the practice implements a policy regardless of presence of a negative impact, the practice must be able to evidence:

  • The implementation was necessary in order to carry out specific functions
  • There is no way of achieving the aims of the policy that has less negative impact
  • The means employed to achieve the aims of the policy are necessary and appropriate


Could the policy be implemented in a different way in order to avoid negative impact?

  • Establish why the policy has a negative impact, what components are causing this?
  • Consider alternatives to the policy that may eliminate the aspects which create a negative impact
  • Is there something that could be changed in order to enhance positive impact


How will this change promote equality of access and equality of opportunity?

  • Evidence how this policy change will promote equality
  • Use this evidence to start creating an action plan
  • There still may be room for further promotion of equality within the structure, explore these options
  • Explore the positive and negative outcomes of each option
  • Consider how the change may impact all protected characteristic groups

Is it possible to implement a different policy which achieves practice aims but avoids adverse impact?

  • Determine what policy aspects need to be changed or altered
  • Options for change should directly address the adverse impact found
  • It may be helpful to undergo risk assessment for the proposed change
  • Examine how to alleviate any existing barriers
  • Develop ideas into an action plan
  • Could anything further be done to promote equality?
  • Consider piloting a new policy, and carefully monitoring new impacts and reactions
Download the Step 4 checklist here.