Your results

You will be sent your result by post, so please make sure you have given the correct address.

If you have not had a result after 4 weeks, please contact your doctor. Cervical Screening Wales aims to have sent all results within 4 weeks. If you do not wish to receive your result by post, please tell your smear taker.

Possible Results

High risk HPV not found

This is the result in nearly 9 out of every 10 samples tested. It means that we did not find the virus that causes nearly all cases of cervical cancer.

The risk of cell changes is extremely low and we do not need to look at the cells in your sample. Most women will be invited for your next test after three or five years, depending on their age. Some women need a test after 12 months, and some women will not need any more tests. Your letter will tell you when your next test is due.

High risk HPV found, cells normal

This means that, although we found hrHPV in your sample, when we looked at the cells there were no cell changes. We will invite you for another test after 12 months to see whether the virus your body has dealt with the virus.

High risk HPV found, cell changes seen

If we find hrHPV in your sample and, when we look at the cells there are cell changes, we will refer you to a colposcopy clinic at your local hospital. (See The Colposcopy Clinic)

The cell changes are called dyskaryosis. The changes are usually in the skin (squamous) cells covering the outside of the cervix. Sometimes they can be in the cells inside the cervix or womb, called glandular cells.

High risk HPV found, not enough cells

Sometimes when we look at the cells in your sample, although we can’t find any cell changes, there are fewer cells than we would like to see. There need to be enough cells for us to know that a good sample has been taken and for us to give you a proper result. You would usually need to have the test repeated after 12 weeks.

High risk HPV result not available

This means that we cannot give you a proper result and we have not looked at the cells in the sample. There a several reasons why this can happen. You would usually need to have the test repeated after 12 weeks.

If you would like to discuss your result, please contact your doctor or your smear taker.


Frequently asked questions

One or more high-risk types of Human papillomavirus (hrHPV) are present in over 99.7% of cervical cancers.

Testing all women who attend for cervical screening for hrHPV will pick up more cell changes and prevent more cancers than in the past.