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High-risk Human Papillomavirus (HPV) - result not available or unreliable

My letter says that you were unable to test my sample for HPV. Why couldn't you test my sample?

There are a number of reasons why we may not have been able to process your sample. Often this is due to a sample taker error or a problem with the vial that your sample was sent in. 

Due to you previous cervical screening (smear) test results, we have referred you to colposcopy to check your cervix (neck of the womb) for any changes, therefore it is important that you attend.

I do not like going for cervical screening. Is it important that I return for a repeat cervical screening (smear) test?

Yes, as we need to repeat the test to be able to give you the result. We need to be able to check whether you have HPV/cell changes, to prevent cervical cancer developing

My letter says that you were unable to test my sample for HPV and I have been referred to colposcopy. Why couldn't you test my sample?

The test was unreliable and as we could not test it, you will need to have the sample repeated in no sooner than 12 weeks.

Why have I been referred back to Colposcopy instead of going for another screening test? Is there something wrong?

As we have been unable to provide you with a result from your last two cervical screening (smear) tests, we have referred you back to colposcopy as we need to ensure that there are no changes to your cervix (neck of the womb).