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Knowledge, Research and Information Committee

Knowledge, Research and Information Committee

This Committee advises the Board about the quality and impact of our knowledge, health intelligence and research activities and also the data quality and information governance arrangements in the organisation. 



The papers can be viewed / downloaded from the link Knowledge, Research and Information Committee Papers.


The Committee meets on a quarterly basis and otherwise as the Chair of the Committee deems necessary. Meeting dates for the People and Organisational Development Committee are given below.


View / download the Terms of Reference and Membership for the Knowledge, Research and Information Committee

Who's who

(Minimum of three)
Chair Sian Griffiths
Independent Members

Kate Eden

Diane Crone

In attendance
Transition Director - Knowledge  (Lead Executive)

Sian Bolton

Executive Director of Quality, Nursing and Allied Professionals 

Rhiannon Beaumont-Wood

National Director Health Protection and Screening Services, and Medical Director


Interim Executive Director of Health and Wellbeing

Jyoti Atri

Director of NHS Quality Improvement and Patient Safety and Director Improvement Cymru

John Boulton

Director of Policy and International Health / WHO Collaborating Centre on Investment, Health and Wellbeing Mark Bellis
Director of Health Intelligence


Head of Research and Development

Alisha Davies

Chief Risk Officer 

John Lawson

Head of Information Management and Technology

Drew Evans

Board Secretary (or their nominee)

Helen Bushell