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FOI 2023 36 - 3D Printing


Information Requested:

I am writing to Public Health Wales to request information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. In order to assist you with this request I am outlining my query as specifically as possible.

I would like to know:
a)    Is 3D printing technology being used at your facilities? 
If the answer to Q1a is Yes then skip to Q2. 
If the answer to Q1a is No then:
b)    Do you plan on utilizing 3D Printing technology in the near future?
If the answer to Q1b is No then you may skip the rest of the questionnaire. 

If the answer to Q1b is Yes then:
c)    What part(s) do you intent to 3D print (e.g. Prosthetic limbs, hearing aids etc.)?
Q2) What 3D Printers are being used for producing the parts (Brand name & model)?
Q3) What type of parts/products are being printed (e.g. Prosthetic hand, prosthetic leg, splint, hip joint etc.) Please be specific.
Q4) What materials are being commonly used for 3D printing at your facilities?
Q5) What ISO standards and/or other ASTM/BS standards are being followed when producing the parts/products?
Q6) Please briefly describe the ethics process that is required for using 3D printing parts in patients?

I would be interested in any information held by your organization regarding my request. If you need further clarification, please contact me by email. 
I would like the information to be emailed to me in electronic form preferably Word.

If my request is denied in whole or in part I ask that you justify all deletions by reference to specific exemptions of the act. I will also expect you to release all non-exempt material. I reserve the right to appeal your decision to withhold any information or to charge excessive fees.

I would be grateful if you could confirm in writing that you have received this request. I look forward to your response within 20 working days as outlined by the statute


Information provided for the answer:

Thank you for your recent request dated 16th March 2023.

Public Health Wales does not use 3D printing technology and has no current plans to utilise 3D printing technology in the near future.


If you are unhappy with the service you have received in relation to your request and wish to make a complaint or request a review of the decision, you should write to the Corporate Complaints Manager, Public Health Wales NHS Trust, 3, Number 2, Capital Quarter, Tyndall Street, Cardiff, CF10 4BZ.

If you are not content with the outcome of your complaint or review, you may apply directly to the Information Commissioner for a decision. Generally, the ICO cannot make a decision unless you have exhausted the complaints procedure provided by the Trust. The Information Commissioner can be contacted at:

Information Commissioner for Wales
2nd Floor
Churchill House
Churchill Way
CF10 2HH

Telephone: 029 2067 8400