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Public Health Wales 'Time to Talk Public Health' Panel

Public Health Wales are recruiting for and conducting a public engagement panel.

This is a fantastic opportunity to have your say about matters that affect your health and wellbeing. The views captured will be used to shape public health policies and practice across Wales.

Public Health Wales have commissioned DJS Research, an independent research agency, to build a panel of residents aged 16+ living in Wales who will share their views on a regular basis to help inform Public Health Wales with their decision making.

The Panel will include around 2,500 residents from across Wales. It is important that this selected group of residents reflects the diverse nature of the Welsh population and covers a cross section of residents, for example, of different age, gender, ethnicity and employment groups.

Recruitment for the “Time to Talk Public Health” Panel will take place as a telephone survey, through social media advertising and face-to-face interviews. You will be asked at the start of the survey if you would like to complete the survey in Welsh or English. We welcome all communication in Welsh and English throughout the project, be this to Public Health Wales or DJS Research.

Members of the DJS Research team may contact you from the following telephone number 01663 761 697 or email address

If you would like to speak with a member of the Public Health Wales project team, please email