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Whole School Approach to Emotional and Mental Wellbeing (WSAEMWB)

Programme Aim

Empower schools to create and embed a positive culture towards mental health and emotional wellbeing.

What is Public Health Wales doing to support this work?

  1. School Requirements: Empowering all 1473 schools in Wales to create cultures that help children and young people cope with the daily ups and downs of life and spot those who might need further help.
  2. CAMHS In-Reach Teams: Supporting the 7 teams in Wales to come alongside schools to help embed an emotional wellbeing culture.
  3. What Works Toolkit: Help schools make informed decisions by finding out whether school mental health interventions make a difference to children and young people.

What is the timeline for this programme of work?

The WSAEMWB started in April 2021. The implementation phase of the programme will finish March 2025; however, all schools will be expected to continue with their whole school approach to emotional and mental wellbeing as part of the Health Promoting Schools programme of work (formerly Healthy Schools).

How are we measuring the difference the WSAEMWB is making?

It takes time to measure culture change so there are six different evaluations that are in process:

  1. Monitoring how many schools in Wales are embedding emotional and wellbeing practises.
  2. Impact surveys: A 3-year survey to find out if everyday practises in schools are changing, whether pupils are experiencing these changes and whether the wider systems are changing. Also, the things that help or stop these changes be maintained in schools. Also, analysis of information from the SHRN questionnaire which asks children and young people about their wellbeing in school and looks at the school environment (SEQ).
  3. Process Evaluation: to find out how schools have been embedding their emotional and wellbeing processes.
  4. Impact Tools: Co-creating tools to measure the difference the CAMHS In-Reach teams are making in schools.

School Story

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