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Care Space Sessions


An opportunity to think about how you can be kind to yourself

Following the pilot sessions, we’re now offering the first in a series of planned Care Space session. 

The pandemic has tested everybody’s ability to manage their wellbeing but for those in healthcare, this has presented some unique challenges. Many of us have taken on a variety of roles out of our comfort zone and part of the coping with this shared experience is shared reflection, allowing individuals time to recognise how they can support each other and tools they can use themselves. 

In order to further support your wellbeing in this shared way, we are offering the opportunity for you to attend a 20 minute care space session, which is an opportunity for you to think about how things are going for you and whether and how you can be kind to yourself. We know that looking after our wellbeing is always important but right now that is perhaps even more crucial.  

The session is highly structured to ensure everyone has the opportunity to think about their own needs. This safe space enables you to only share what is comfortable for you and is of course completely voluntary

The 20 minute online sessions are available until the end of the year initially, on the dates and times below – we have a maximum capacity of 8 attendees so we’d encourage you to book asap if you’re interested.    

  • Thursday January 7 – 12.30
  • Tuesday January 12 – 12.30
  • Wednesday January 20 – 12.30
  • Thursday January 28 – 12.30
  • Thursday February 4 – 12.30
  • Tuesday February 9 – 12.30

You can book onto a course by:

  • searching under class from your learner homepage in ESR
  • searching for 028 PHW Care Space
  • click on go
  • this will bring up the available sessions running
  • click on enrol for the session you want to attend
  • sessions will be closed for booking on ESR the day before the session takes place

Here are some comments from attendees of the virtual course, which are being run throughout the UK:

“I found the session very powerful…I felt “safe” and able to communicate my (strong) feelings on the issues being raised”

“It took me a little longer than usual to connect in (with personal feelings etc.) due to the virtual nature but this did happen. I found the session very valuable, meaningful, connected and emotive.”

“I think it was a success. People were able to join in and express themselves and share their experiences. It was excellent.”

“It worked well and I really enjoyed it. Thank you”