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Keeping Physically Well: Oral Health

Good oral health is important for health and wellbeing. A regular brushing /cleaning routine can help to reduce the risk of oral health problems, pain, discomfort and tooth loss. 

Key messages for maintaining good oral health:

  • Brush natural teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss between natural teeth everyday
  • Clean dentures daily with mouth care products
  • Have regular dental check ups
  • Have a healthy balanced diet, limiting alcohol and sugar intake

Looking after your teeth and gums 

Age Cymru  
Dental services for older people 

NHS Direct Wales 
Accessing urgent dental care: If you have pain, toothache, dental trauma or swelling, use the NHS Direct Wales Symptom Checker NHS Direct Wales Symptom Checker or contact NHS Direct Wales 24 hours a day 0845 4647

Alzheimers Society
Dementia and Oral Health: If you are living with or affected by Dementia, the Alzheimer’s Society provide information and advice on oral health matters

Mouth Care Matters
Supporting someone to practice good oral health: Developed by Health Education England, this programme supports all people who provide personal care to patients in an acute, care home or community setting. Here you can find a range of downloadable and short animations clips are available to support promotion of key messages.