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Why is it important to eat well?

Illustration of fruit bowl

What’s important for you? We know that most people want to do all they can to keep healthy during the current situation. Could healthy cooking be part of your routine that helps you stay not only physically but mentally well?

Do you want to keep healthy and strong?

We know that staying fit and well is one of our priorities at the moment. To boost our immune systems it can be helpful to eat a variety of foods.

Have you noticed your mood has changed?

Staying calm and positive during lockdown can be tough but lots of us are finding ways to do this. Great food and keeping hydrated can lift your mood and give you an energy boost without making your blood sugar rise and fall rapidly, or expanding your waistline. 

Are you worried about putting on weight?

Are you concerned about the consequences of frequent visits to the fridge and non-stop snacking? Reducing snacks and takeaways, or swapping them for healthier versions, can help to keep the weight off, especially when we might be less active than usual.

Are you worried about finances?

With less money coming in, budgets for shopping reduced, what can you do to save money and eat healthily? Cooking simple meals from scratch can really help to make money go further. It’s amazing how ready meals can bump up the shopping bill.


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