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Vaccination information in accessible formats




Vaccination video and Easy Read guide to support people with a learning disability

This new video and Easy Read guide were made with people with a learning disability. 

The video and guide are based on information we learned from  people with a learning disability, their carers, and supporting organisations.
The video shows a person and their carer visiting their GP surgery to have their flu vaccine. It provides examples of the reasonable adjustments you can ask for to support you to go to your appointment, like a double appointment, and help with needle anxiety. 

The Easy Read guide is split into 2 parts. 

  • Part 1 provides information about vaccines, why they are important and how they work. 
  • Part 2 describes the process of getting a vaccine, information about common side effects and examples of reasonable adjustments. 

Click here to read the Easy Read guide part 1 - About vaccines. 
Click here to read the Easy Read guide part 2 - Getting a vaccine.