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Elizabeth's story

Elizabeth* is a healthcare worker for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, who recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and she had both of her Coronavirus vaccine during her pregnancy.  

Before she did so, she conducted thorough research which helped her to determine that the vaccines were safe and were a highly effective method of protecting her and her baby against Coronavirus and its serious complications.  

Elizabeth said: “As a frontline health care worker and having a toddler in nursery, it was clear to me that Coronavirus was very much a threat to me and my baby and, by having the vaccine, I could help to reduce that threat. It meant I was able to work for longer and support my colleagues in a very busy period and also not have to worry about my daughter coming home from nursery and giving me Coronavirus.  

“Before having my Coronavirus vaccine I did a lot of my own research, from trustworthy sources, to help me make an informed decision. I also spoke to a lot of women in a similar position to me via reputable forums, which was incredibly helpful. There’s a lot of research which has shown that contracting Coronavirus when pregnant, especially in the third trimester, can be dangerous for both pregnant women and their unborn child so I was glad to be able to actively do something to reduce this threat.  

“Anyone that is pregnant and is unsure about having the vaccination, I would really urge you to talk to medical professionals and others in a similar position so you can make an informed decision for you and your family. For me, I felt extremely privileged and lucky to be able to have the vaccine as it gave me peace of mind that I was helping to protect my loved ones.”  

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.